What to Know about Compensation after an Injury

In the event of an accident you could be entitled to compensation. Compensation can cover your medical expenses, loss of wages and pain and discomfort. Read more now on Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyers.

We will cover compensation for injuries, types of compensation available, how compensation can be claimed, as well as the limitations on claiming compensation.

What are Compensations for Injury?

The compensation is the money paid out to an injured person. These funds can cover medical costs, lost income, pain, and suffering.

Two main categories of compensation are available for injury: Economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages can easily be quantified and include things like medical bills, wages lost, property damage, etc.
Damages that are not economic in nature, like pain, suffering, distress and the loss of enjoyment of living, can be more difficult to quantify.
How to Get Compensation After an Injury

In the event that you were injured in an automobile accident, it is possible to seek compensation from those responsible. As the process to seek compensation can be very complex, it’s important that you speak with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

In order to receive compensation, you must prove the negligence of the other party. The failure to act reasonably can result in injury to another. You will have to demonstrate that:

I owed you an obligation of care
The breach of the duty to care
Their breach of duty has caused you injuries
Your injuries caused you to suffer actual damages
You will have to work out the amount you deserve to receive compensation once you prove that the other person was at fault. Your compensation will be determined by the seriousness of your injuries and losses as well as the laws in the state of accident.

The time limits for claiming compensation after an injury

You have a limited time to claim compensation. This time period varies by state. It is therefore important to consult an attorney to make sure you don’t miss the deadline.

You will generally have two years after your accident date to make a claim in compensation. This rule is not always followed. You may be able to claim compensation if, as an example, you were still a minor when you suffered your injury.

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