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Tours and Towers. Why Guided Tours of London makes Sense

There’s no better reason than the fact that every single minute you spend in London is valuable and you should make as many memorable moments as you can. Greater London covers a total of 609 square miles, and the chances of finding your way to all their well-and-not-so-well-known attractions on your own are quite remote. The best way to see London is to participate in one of its many fantastic guided tours. See Crown Jewel Tour to get more info.

But if that’s not enough, we have a list of other good reasons why you need to book a London guide tour.

This tour will help you focus

In case you’ve done any kind of research on London attractions when planning your visit, then you know it may be difficult to cover all the distant must-sees during a single journey. Choose guided tours to focus on places of particular interest. For example, museums or art galleries. Or, visit historical and royal sites. When you come across something that you think you might want to go back to later, you can make notes and add it to your schedule.

Your Guided Visit Will Take the Guesswork Out of Your Tour

A city where the history of every street is evident may overwhelm you. By taking a London tour, you can ensure you don’t forget anything and fill in the blanks of your knowledge of British history. How?

Guided London tours put you with an experienced tour guide

One of the main reasons to take a London tour with a guide is to learn more about the history of London. It is important to have a guide who can explain not just where you are going, but the history of London. This includes the Tower of London as well as St. Paul’s Cathedral. Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament. Henry VIII was only responsible for two wives’ deaths.

London Tours that are tailored to meet your needs

If the history of Jack the Ripper fascinates you, arrange for a private guide to take you to the crime scenes and cemeteries of some of the people he murdered. If you are not able or willing to spend the extra money for a personal tour, a group trip that takes in eight of the major sites, including lunch along the River Thames and a viewing of the Changing of the Guard, can be arranged.

It could be an urban walking tour in London or even a double decker bus tour. Join a duck tour aboard an amphibious boat that can travel on both land and sea!

With a guide, you can be assured of safety

If you find yourself in a strange country, or even in Merry Olde England for that matter, then you may not feel as secure as in your usual surroundings. Your guide knows which London sights are safe and why. London covers 609 square miles, and you will need someone who knows the city well to ensure you don’t get lost.