Steam Carpet Cleaning Method

It is difficult to select the right carpet cleaner for your home. There are many methods to consider spotless carpet. The pros and cons of each carpet cleaning method are different. But carpet manufacturers still recommend steam cleaning, as this is the most thorough. Steam carpet has consistently produced superior results than other methods.

Following are some of the most important steps to steam cleaning.

After the pre-inspection of the carpet, it is vacuumed. All stains are then treated with special agents. The soiling is then removed by spraying a solution on the carpet. A suitable dwell is followed by a thorough rinsing with hot-water and removal of the dirty solution with a vacuum cleaner. In this step, the wand tool is used. In the case of a pH-high cleaning solution, the next step is to rinse the carpet with an acidic agent. Most efficient machines are able to extract over 90 percent of moisture.

This will speed up drying. You can drastically reduce the drying process.

To help maintain the new surface of the carpet, the professional cleaners may apply stain protectant.

In today’s steam cleaning industry, complaints are often due to unlearned technicians using sub-standard gear and a careless approach. Steam carpet cleaning is a relatively new technology. Now, trained technicians can achieve better results than ever before. The carpet can return to its original perfect condition. Depending on conditions, drying could take between 2 and 6 hours. If the carpet is more dirty, it will require more chemical and more water to make it effective. It can also cause future issues if not all the cleaning solution has been extracted. To do the job correctly, only a seasoned carpet cleaner can provide the right advice.
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